Welcome to Por Fuego Lento! I'm so glad you're here. 

Por Fuego Lento literally translates to ''by slow fire'', a phrase that encompasses my personal and professional life. Growing up, I've been told more times than I can count that I move through life ''slower than molasses in January''. I guess it seemed as though I was never in a hurry. When I married my husband, I took on the last name Cienfuegos. Now my business name is not only a play on my last name and my love of a slow pace, but it's also a description of how my custom designs come to life. Slowly, taking several hours at a time, my custom designs are burned into the wood surface of my products.

I'm located in Memphis, Tennessee, though my roots lie in North Alabama. I'm a lover of the simple things...a good cup of coffee, Sunday naps, and my kind husband David.
I still haven't been able to shake that molasses pace. 

I also have a passion for print and pattern design. You can find me drawing patterns on coffee cups wherever I can find them; usually airport terminals, doctor's offices, and soccer fields. Regardless of the medium, my work is extremely focused on precision and detail. 

Thanks for stopping by.
I can't wait to create something for you!


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Por Fuego Lento

Memphis, TN

E:  porfuegolento@gmail.com

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